Research & Development

Technical Knowledge of

Since OUCHISHINKO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has established, we have developed and produced rubber chemicals and industrial chemicals for about 80 years. The accumulation of the technology has been highly evaluated in those industries.
Recently, we have produced bulk of pharmaceutical chemicals, photographic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, metal capturing agents, and their intermediates based on our technological background. The technological features are as follows.

  • 1) Manufacturing of organic sulfur compounds derived from Carbon Disulfide or Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • 2) Maintenance of manufacturing environment for producing high purity fine chemicals
  • 3) Execution of GMP (Japan) for producing bulk of pharmaceutical chemicals (Maintenance of chemical plant in conformity with GMP)

On the basis of our technological environment, we plan to expand our test plant for new product. Moreover, we endeavor to meet your needs. We will introduce our development products here. We are waiting your response not only products introduced here but also similar compounds.