Since establishment of OUCHI SHINKO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., our company policy toward business operations has been "Contributing to Culture and Welfare through our Reliable Products." Our Company established an integrated system from Development, Production and Sales. For sales operations, in cooperation with Narishige Ouchi & Co., Ltd., our company offers high-quality products.


With the NOC brand, our company strives to develop, produce, and sell a variety of products that meet the needs of more than thousand customers in the world. Our products cover 1)organic rubber chemicals, 2) pharmaceutical chemicals and their intermediates, 3) agricultural chemicals, 4) environmental chemicals, 5) Fine chemicals, and 6) others. The major products are organic rubber chemicals for tires and automobile rubber parts.
Our company supplies approximately 20,000 MT of products a year. The vulcanization accelerator NOCCELER, antioxidant and antiozonant NOCRAC, vulcanizing agent VULNOC, and peptizer NOCTIZER are representative products in this industry.
Our company produces high-quality bulk of pharmaceutical chemicals and their intermediates in strict GMP quality assurance system using on our technology. We also supply the organic sulfur agricultural chemicals PALNOX. We also respond to market needs for environmental and fine chemicals.