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January 2012



We sincerely express our sympathy to all that suffered in the disaster caused by the East Japan Great Earthquake that occurred on 11th March 2011, and hope that restoration and recovery will be made as soon as possible.

The Company has, in its own 80 years’ history, established its own foundation in each field of fine chemicals such as organic sulfur chemicals, environmental chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and their intermediates, based on its technologies in the organic rubber chemicals field, since the production of rubber additives in Japan was begun in 1931.

We consider that this is due to the kind guidance and support of related bodies which has lasted for a long time, and especially to those of the Rubber Manufacturers Associations, and take this opportunity to express anew our great appreciation.

Aiming to continue providing quality reliable products under the quality guarantee system based on ISO 9001, the Company has constructed manufacturing management and quality management systems in compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practice) of bulk chemicals in the pharmaceutical products field. Furthermore, the Company has made environmental improvements in plants and regions in the application of steady voluntary checking on safety and environment, as well as putting things in order/cleaning. In future, it will continue to propel quality guarantee to win further trust and carry out risk management, fire preventive measures, etc. in a positive manner, aiming for harmony with the environment under the system which emphasizes safety and environment based on ISO 14001.

The East Japan Great Earthquake has had a great effect on the Company and its employees. We consider that a long time will be required to effect complete restoration. However, we will proceed step by step to restoration, strengthening solidarity by holding up “Let’s make efforts together, Japan.” and “Let’s make efforts together, Fukushima.” as our slogans, as common awareness among all employees of the Company.

In the course of our efforts to meet future challenges, we sincerely ask for your continued guidance and support.


Shigemasa Ouchi
Ouchi Shinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.